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€3.00 (excl. VAT)
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GTIN: 4823110801956

Paint-tint with gradient effect EKKOBEAUTY is an opportunity to create shades on eyebrows and eyelashes by adjusting the depth of staining with exposure time on hairs and skin. As well as the ability to mix shades with each other, creating an endless variety of colors: from very deep graphic, rich, resistant, hair coloring and skin coloring using the “tattoo” technique to soft pastel transitions using the “ombre” technique.

The set includes 4 shades:

  • graphite
  • brown
  • dark brown
  • black

The gel texture of the paint QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY colors the hairs, the shade ACTIVELY appears on the skin, thanks to which the master can correct the result of coloring and build the shape of the eyebrow.

The mild AMP-ULTRA® PC primer promotes excellent deposition of color pigments in the hair structure, which allows you to create beautiful, deep, long-lasting shades on the hair and skin in a short time, minimizing the damaging effect caused by oxidative coloring. .

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