Lash Lift Glue Balm By 5g


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€17.00 (excl. VAT)
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Safe, hydrating formula, quick and easy wrapping, no need to remove excess glue.

Lash Lift Glue Balm By

Struggling with your lash wrapping or it taking forever? It's time to try the Glue Balm that is not only easy to apply in a thin layer for maximal product penetration but also can help you cut down your service time.

Glue Balm by might be called a glue but is actually so much more! It acts as a glue to hold natural lashes on the shield, yet nourishes like a balm. One of the only glues on the market to include the moisturizing stage into its step 1, Glue-Balm contains ingredients that are rich in vitamins and nutrients to prevent dehydrating the lashes.

Size: 5g

Benefits of the EYE.DO Glue-Balm

Safe, hydrating formula
Superior penetration
Quick and easy wrapping
Does not fully dry
No need to remove excess glue
Light scent
Lower lashes do not stick to upper lashes

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