€175.00 €163.35 Sale: 20. Jul 2024
€135.00 (excl. VAT)
€175.00 €163.35 Sale: 20. Jul 2024
€135.00 (excl. VAT)
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The best and most popular lamp for lashing, makeup, tattoo, facia lists, and other beauty services.

Professional LED Lamp for Eyebrow & Lash Artists

Elevate your workspace and achieve flawless results with this professional-grade LED Moon Light.

  • Precision Lighting: Control the atmosphere with dimming functionality and adjustable color temperature (3200-5600K). This ensures perfect lighting for both meticulous application and capturing stunning photos.

  • Unparalleled Color Accuracy: The ultra-high CRI (Color Rendering Index) exceeding 95 guarantees true-to-life rendering of skin tones, pigments, and all other colors. No more surprises when capturing your work for social media or client portfolios.

  • Flicker-Free Performance: High-quality LEDs ensure consistent, flicker-free illumination. This translates to flawless results when filming tutorials or client consultations.

  • Effortless Comfort: The lamp features a sturdy base for stability, a rotatable top for precise positioning, and adjustable height for personalized comfort.

  • Streamlined Workflow: Included phone holder allows for convenient video recording while you work, maximizing your efficiency.

  • Complete Solution: The lamp includes a power supply (220V with EU Plug) for immediate use.

This LED Moon Light is the perfect investment for any professional eyebrow and eyelash artist seeking superior lighting, exceptional color accuracy, and a comfortable working environment.


  • Color Temperature: 3200-5600K
  • Brightness: 0-100%
  • CRI: > 95
  • Lumen: 2500LM
  • Warranty: 2 years after purchase.

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