Brow Mapping Paste Pink 20g


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€12.31 (excl. VAT)
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The Noemi Brow Mapping Paste in Pink is an essential tool for anyone who wants perfectly colored eyebrows. With its creamy yet firm consistency, it is the ideal support for your eyebrow tinting sessions.


Precise Modeling: The unique creamy texture of this mapping paste allows you to precisely model the contours of your eyebrows. Whether you prefer natural or dramatic brows, this product will help you achieve the shape you want.

Protection for skin and hair: The Noemi Brow Mapping Paste not only protects your skin, but also your eyebrow hairs during the coloring process. It forms a protective layer that prevents unwanted color transfer and stains.

Easy to use: The paste is effortless to apply and spread, and it stays in place throughout the coloring process. This makes it easier for you to apply the color you want evenly without worrying about smudging or smudging.

Color orientation: The pink paste is particularly helpful for recognizing the contrast between the natural eyebrow color and the dye color. This allows you to ensure that your coloring results are exactly how you want them to be.

Contents: 20gr.

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