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€24.81 €22.39 Sale: 01 Jun 2024
€18.50 (excl. VAT)
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This is set of unique multifunctional professional synthetic brushes for beauty artists. Brushes are made of high-quality materials, elastic, dense, wear-resistant.

Angled Brush #3 allows you to achieve ultra-fine lines, soft strokes and layers, imitation of hairs.

Flat Brush #4 is ideal for working with cream and gel textures. It will help you make clean markings for the eyebrows using paste or a pencil, and clean up the lines when working with tint and henna. Suitable for laying eyelashes on lifting pads and fixing them with glue during lamination.

Large Soft Angled Brush #6 has a soft edge of the fiber and allows for the perfect ombre color combined with a clean bottom line. Due to the large size of the brush, the work will be fast and high-quality.

  • The set includes brushes for working with tint, henna, decorative cosmetics, cream and gel textures.

  • Details matter! The handle of brushes is made taking into account the anatomy of a specialist’s hand, for greater comfort in work.

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