Concentrate Shikon Power 15ml


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€17.93 (excl. VAT)
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Concentrate for comprehensive eyebrow care Shikon Power

How to use: apply to the skin and eyebrow hairs with light movements in the direction of growth. Leave for 3-5 minutes for better penetration into the skin and hairs. Remove residues with a dry tissue or leave until completely absorbed. Does not require rinsing.

Shikon Power eyebrow concentrate is recommended for use:

  • After dyeing eyebrows for color stabilization and stability;
  • Prevents darkening of the pigment after the procedure;
  • After the procedure of long-term eyebrow styling to remove inflammation from the skin, additional nutrition and moisture of the hairs;
  • After correction of eyebrows with wax.

Concentrate for eyebrows can act as an SOS tool in case of severe hair damage after unsuccessful long-term styling of eyebrows or dyeing.

Volume: 15 ml

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