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SHIK recommend adding cool light brown and cold dark brown tints to our basic line of tints (light brown and brown) instead of graphite. They add a cooler shade if needed, but do not make the shade overly dark, unlike graphite. The color effect from the tint is long-lasting. Doesn’t leave stains on the skin.

SHIK recommend using a cold light brown tint on its own (if a cool light shade without staining the skin is expected as a result).

Method of application:

  1. Mix a color tint or several different shades in equal proportions.
  2. Add the thinner and oxidant.
  3. Holding time — depending on the oxidation process of the tint, but not more than 15 minutes.
  4. Carefully wash off the tint with the Cleansing lotion SHIK Brows.
  5. Dab lightly with a paper towel.

The tint is for professional use only!

Result: Even tint, lasting color.

Volume: 15 ml

Country of manufacture: Spain - Cool light brown, Cool dark brown — Austria.

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