Concealer Pencil with Brush


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€6.00 (excl. VAT)
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Pencil concealer is an exclusive product in a series of author’s cosmetics from the NIKK MOLE team. The new concealer corrector pencil was created specifically for the eyebrow area, which distinguishes it from a number of similar products, but has a universal texture, so it can be used in any area of ​​the face and décolleté.

The color is selected in a natural beige shade that fits well on different skin types and tones, remaining invisible under the finishing layers of makeup.

But the most important thing in any cosmetics is its effectiveness and spectrum of action:

  • reliably hides cosmetic skin imperfections – redness, inflammation, pimples, age spots, etc.;
  • completely covers the reddish tone of problem areas of the skin;
  • excellent blending, which allows you to eliminate the visible boundaries of the application of concealer;
  • with the help of shading quickly takes on the necessary texture – from translucent to rich dense;
  • allows you to create a clear eyebrow contour and hide irritation after mechanical correction. The corrector contains chamomile extract, which provides the product with the ability to relieve irritation and redness. Vitamin E maintains skin tone, preventing premature signs of aging. Buying a concealer with such ingredients is the right decision, because high-quality decorative cosmetics must contain caring ingredients.

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