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€6.82 (excl. VAT)
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Nikk Mole Brow FIX Soap

The fixer from Nikk Mole is a real find for those with naughty eyebrows. The fix soap is moisture resistant to any weather, suitable for all types of eyebrows, reliably fixes the eyebrows for the whole day, and the coconut oil included in the composition takes care of the hairs.

How to use the brow fix soap correctly?

To scoop up the product, take an eyebrow brush and bend it slightly. Then, with smooth, but sure movements, begin to collect the product.

If it doesn’t pick up well, press down on the brush a little. Then start styling your eyebrows.

A natural effect is obtained when using a dry brush.

For a long-lasting styling effect, first moisten the brush a little before picking up the product.

All effects with one product: Natural Brows or Fluffy.

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