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€9.00 (excl. VAT)
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Nikk Mole presents new pencils for professional and natural eyebrow design, as well as maintaining their impeccable appearance.

Nikk Mole pencil in 5 shades:

  • Brunette (cold dark brown, rich, deep color for brunettes);
  • Blonde (noble light color for blondes and light blondes);
  • Taup (cold grey-brown color for blond girls);
  • Coffee (dark brown with a golden tint for dark blonde girls)
  • Chocolate (natural medium brown color for blond and brunettes)

The pencil is designed in the form of a triangle, which allows you to create sharp strokes similar to hairs, thereby obtaining different effects: graphic expressive eyebrows or thin hairs imitating natural eyebrows.

The comb brush on the other end of the pencil will help to evenly distribute the color and gently form hairs.

The persistent but soft and blendable formula makes it easy to create gorgeous eyebrows, as well as hold the pencil on your eyebrows for 48 hours. The pencil is deeply pigmented and has a rich color that does not tarnish or smear throughout the day. And a stylish and sparkling metal bottle will definitely conquer your heart with its unique design.

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