Antibacterial foam 150 ml


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€11.20 (excl. VAT)
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Foam is a specially developed product for the care of permanent makeup and tattoos. Protects against infections and promotes healing. It can include antiseptic components to minimize the risk of infections. It has a neutral natural composition and does not cause irritation and a feeling of stickiness.

Characteristics and properties of foam

Protection against bacteria: Antibacterial components of the foam help prevent bacteria and germs from entering the fresh tattoo.

Hydration and healing: The rich formulation of the foam may include soothing and moisturizing ingredients that promote healing and reduce the risk of irritation.

Easy application: The texture of the foam allows you to easily and evenly apply it to the tattoo without injuring the skin.

Remember that it is important to use antibacterial tattoo foam according to the instructions and recommendations of your tattoo artist or dermatologist. Usually, it is recommended to apply the foam several times a day for the first few days after the tattoo is done.

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