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KLEVER BEAUTY antiseptic soap is diluted 1:10 with distilled water.

Antibacterial soap is an important means of care for a freshly made tattoo or permanent makeup. Suitable for sensitive skin and does not contain aggressive ingredients. Regular use of soap is a key step in the process of proper care. KLEVER BEAUTY soaps often contain antiseptic and moisturizing components that help maintain skin cleanliness and moisture.

Characteristics and properties of soap

Protection against infections: Antibacterial soap contains active ingredients that help fight bacteria and other germs, preventing possible infections.

Promotes healing: Regular use of soap helps clean the skin around the tattoo and helps heal wounds and irritations.

Gentle cleansing: It reliably cleanses the skin, removing dirt, preparing it for further application of care products.

Antifungal Properties: Some soaps may contain ingredients with antifungal properties that help prevent fungal infections.

Preservation of color: Antibacterial soap helps to preserve the brightness and stability of color in tattoos and permanent makeup.

Low allergenicity: The soap is low allergenic, aimed at minimizing the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.

Moisture and Hydration: Contains moisturizing ingredients that help maintain the skin's natural moisture balance.

KLEVER BEAUTY antiseptic soap is diluted 1:10 with distilled water.

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