№ 2 Skin Cleansing


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The second step of PRO BROW WAX SYSTEM. The lotion prepares skin for wax, cleans it from the dead keratinized cell and moisturizers. Contains fruit acids.

The second stage of the eyebrow waxing process.

Cleansing lotion for the skin No.2

Designed to prepare for epilation and depilation, used right before the tinting procedure. Thanks to the content of fruit acids, the lotion has exfoliating properties: the cleansing lotion eliminates flakiness, removes the keratinized layer of the epithelium, perfectly cleanses the eyebrows and skin.

Method of application

  • Deposit the lotion on a cotton pad.
  • Clean the skin and hair before the eyebrow shaping procedure.


  • Lactic acid exfoliates, moisturizes the skin.
  • The product is hypoallergenic and suitable for, even the most sensitive skin.

Result: removes dry and thickened skin.

Volume: 100 ml.

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