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€12.50 (excl. VAT)
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Three step lash lamination system from IC Factory, perfect for your lashes and comfortable lamination procedure.

IC FACTORY is a new generation of lash procedures by INNOVATOR COSMETICS, the global industry leader.

It is not just another new brand. IC FACTORY is a new philosophy and a new approach that opens up unlimited opportunities for growth.

The result of the three-year work of the technologists, chemists, and analysts is two innovative lines for lash lamination: ONE STEP LAMINATION and LASH LAMINATION.

  • The average exposure time for each composition is 7 minutes
  • The compositions do not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, thioglycolic acid and its derivatives
  • Perfect consistency was selected considering the opinion of lash experts
  • Odorless compositions cause no discomfort to a lash artist and their clients
  • The compositions are resistant to temperature and humidity changes, and can be stored up to 12 months after opening

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