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€12.11 (excl. VAT)
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Unique premium quality lash lifting pads. They combine practicality in work for the lami stylist and absolute comfort for the client.

Lash Lifting Pads OKO Blue Lagoon, 3 pairs

OKO Blue Lagoon pads have an oval shape and a lifting effect

Size S - oval shaped pads with a pronounced bend in the lower third. They allow you to get a lifting effect when applying compositions in the lower third or a soft effect when applying compositions above. For eyelashes of short and medium length.

Size M - oval shape pads with the effect of a soft natural bend. For medium-length eyelashes.

Size L - large oval pads for long eyelashes. When applied to the apex area and 1-2 mm above, it gives an expressive lifting curl and a complete lift of the eyelashes from the root.

Eyelash Lift Pads Set OKO Hollywood Pink, 3 pairs

OKO Hollywood Pink pads have a round shape and are designed for straight and downward growing eyelashes.

Size M - rounded pads, gives a soft bend or baby curl depending on the area where the composition is applied. For eyelashes of short and medium length.

Size L - rounded pads for eyelashes growing downwards. Gives a soft natural curl. When applying the composition to the apex and above, you can get a baby curl. For medium and long eyelashes.

Size XL - rounded pads with an apex in the lower third, gives a soft natural curve. Ideal for long eyelashes.

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